Produce & Suppliers

At Brødrenes, product quality is always paramount. We reinterpret the classic Danish grill bar with an uncompromising approach to ingredients and preparation. Our burgers are made with care and only the finest ingredients, including meat from Danish free-range animals and organic durum buns baked in Holstebro. Our beef comes from free range animals in Himmerland, ensuring an exquisite flavour experience. Every bite of our burgers is an explosion of flavour and quality, created to give you the best dining experience.

We prioritise Danish produce
Green and sustainable choices in the kitchen
Customer satisfaction is our priority
Our pigs have good reason to curl their tails
Fresh and local produce daily

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a central part of our philosophy at Brødrenes. We believe that animals deserve a good life, which is why all our pork comes from organic poplar pigs from West Jutland, that have achieved the highest standards of animal welfare. Our beef comes from free range animals in Himmerland, that live in good and natural conditions. We only work with suppliers who share our commitment to the ethical treatment of animals. This means that our customers can enjoy their meal with a clear conscience, knowing that we take responsibility for the welfare of animals.


Organic is not just a trend for us at Brødrenes - it's an integral part of our identity. We use organic durum buns, baked in Holstebro, and our pork comes from organic poplar pigs. Our vegetables are organic in season, but we prioritise Danish produce over foreign organic products. Therefore, we can't promise that everything is organic, but we guarantee that the quality and freshness is always top notch. Our commitment to organic production ensures that our food is free from synthetic pesticides and chemicals. This makes our products both healthy and natural, contributing to better flavour and a healthier planet.

Homemade Products

At Brødrenes, we place great emphasis on making as many of our products from scratch as possible. We pickle all our cucumbers, beetroot and red onions ourselves, giving them a unique and authentic taste. Our homemade mayonnaises and beer caramelised soft onions are made with love and care. We also make our meatballs according to our grandmother's traditional recipe, ensuring an authentic flavour experience that you only get with homemade food.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operations at Brødrenes. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by choosing local suppliers and using almost exclusively Danish products. By supporting local producers and reducing transport distances, we contribute to a more sustainable future. We are dedicated to taking responsibility for our environment and are constantly working to find new ways to make our operations even more sustainable.

Local produce

At Brødrenes we believe in the value of supporting the local community. We choose local ingredients whenever possible to ensure freshness and high quality. Our collaboration with local farmers and producers means you can taste the authenticity and freshness in every meal. From our meat to our buns and vegetables, everything is carefully selected to give you an authentic Danish dining experience.

lokale råvarer

Beer from Lilleholmgaard Håndbryg and Drinks from HåndmadE

A good burger deserves a good beer, which is why at Brødrenes we serve beer from Lilleholmgaard Håndbryg. Their hand-brewed beers are the perfect accompaniment to our burgers, offering a unique and local flavour experience. Each beer is brewed with care and passion, ensuring a quality experience that complements our food perfectly. For those who don't like beer, we offer locally produced alcoholic soft drinks from HåndmadE. These drinks are made from the best ingredients with no added e-numbers for a refreshing and healthier drinking experience. Of course, you can also get a regular soda or the classic Cocio from us.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Brødrenes. We work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service and products that not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Our high ratings on Google are proof of our dedication to customer satisfaction. We are proud to receive so many positive reviews that confirm that our customers love our food and service. You can see all our reviews or create a review yourself right here. We want to ensure that every experience at Brødrenes is one you remember with joy and satisfaction.

Innovation & Tradition

At Brødrenes you'll find a unique balance between innovation and tradition. We respect the old artisan methods, but are not afraid to experiment with new flavour combinations and techniques. This ensures that our food is both authentic and exciting. We reinterpret the classic Danish grill bar and create an experience where tradition meets innovation in every meal.

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